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AMPED 3D / AMPED360 & Almont Studios – Coming Soon!

Everything always takes longer than you plan. Close to seven years ago, I believed I would be where I am now in about six to eight months. Being years off schedule is certainly reason for companies to go out of business and I’ve been close a few times. But what keeps me going is the incredible results and potential for autostereoscopic multi perspective extended (high) dynamics imagery (aka AMPED 3D).

The recently added rotational aspect of my photography has added yet another exciting component to what is possible. That, and the introduction of nano technology manufacturing techniques in the creation of integral lens material. We are now in striking distance for large high resolution displays with directional lens overlays that offer stunning multi perspective imagery with projected light. A simple knob that makes user controlled rotation possible is simple and at the same time complex in terms of the amount of information a viewer can attain in a very short time. But there is an unexpected twist. The smart phone. Going smaller can be just as compelling as going larger in ways that I am only starting to understand.

But lets back up a second.

Part of the reason this integration can be so easy is that experiential imagery is intuitive. We do it every day in real life. But we have always kept referential imagery (traditional paintings and photographs) separate from experiential imagery. The reasons are easy to understand. It is insanely difficult to recreate what we see in real life in an artificial way.  The good news is that it is becoming easier and affordable.  These facts have literally forced me to not give up and to keep pushing because there is a tremendous future ahead in terms of setting new standards for imagery and viewing possibilities.

A recent breakthrough; The Oculus Rift is blowing people away in terms of what is starting to be possible. Experiential imagery is coming on the scene like a tsunami and artists are not prepared. The “rules” for referential imagery simply don’t work for experiential imagery. It isn’t a visual effect, it is completely new  and different in ways that finger out like branches on a tree. Experiential imagery is processed in different parts of the brain, much of which is in the subconscious with instinctual interpretation (emotional).  The closest metaphor or comparison I can think of is watching a Broadway play as compared to watching a movie. You can truly experience a play with live actors on a stage in ways that are impossible within the confines of a motion picture. However, you are constricted. You aren’t part of the play, you are in the audience. New technology changes that in ways that are huge to think about.

The integral lens I mentioned above has slowed me down on the project I’m working on with Alex Grey. However, stay tuned as what I am exploring will certainly be worth the wait. The New York City Tattoo Convention also has given me a huge boost in terms of testing the rotational imaging model. The results met my expectations and now that business can move forward.

These are exciting times. Prepare to enjoy!



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