Debut of AMPED360 At Sacred Tattoo/Gallery NYC

I’ve made it my mission to change the standard for the way tattoos are displayed on the web.

While it would be great to have a 3D free view computer display (still a few years off), a rotational image provides motion parallax and depth cues much more than a flat static image. That standard is relatively easy to implement given that javascript is a uniform standard across all computer/mobile browser platforms. So, that’s what I’m doing.

I’m going about it in a few steps.

First, I built a 50 camera array that makes it easy and inexpensive to acquire lots of rotational imagery. I’ve been experimenting with it here in my studio for a few months and I finally have it ready to try out on the road. Sacred Tattoo/Gallery in New York city has been very generous to allow me to bring the rig to their location in Soho (Broadway and Canal street) and I will debut the rig to an audience of tattooers and their clients taking free images for two days. As an added bonus, Almont Studios is having a model search for an AMPED 3D image based upon Facebook likes. Details can be found here: If you have a great tattoo, I’d encourage you to come to the event – you might land a job!

Second, I’m offering image programming and hosting so that the images can be easily placed on social media and web pages. Unlimited rotational image hosting starts at less than $10 per month (two plans, $60 for 6 months or $100 for a year). Everyone gets to try it out for one month free.

Third, I’m going to launch a kickstarter project to produce a do it yourself video on how to take multi perspective photographs with one or more cameras. That way ALL tattoo artists can start taking rotational images. Additionally, plans include adding more rigs and taking them to tattoo conventions around the world and acquiring imagery for artists and for AMPED 3D image exhibitions as part of the events.

Come on down to Sacred on March 17 or 18 and see what all of this is about! I’ll be showing AMPED 3D images and a new rotational display that is very cool and perfect for presentation of rotational imagery.


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