Tattoo Art

The CoSM/Guy Aitchison event this past Saturday provided a great opportunity to have meaningful discussions with several ink artists about tattoos.  Topics for discussion included:

  • Skill, apprenticeship, experience, practice, long hours…
  • Emotion, fear, anticipation, empathy, anxiety, joy
  • Space, topography, depth, richness

But what really captured my attention was a discussion on the art being alive.  Ink injected into a living canvas – human skin.  The art is alive both in the emotional connections of the client and artist and physically alive as it undergoes change residing within the client/collector’s living tissue. There is something uniquely compelling about the art of tattooing. Indeed, art itself has a new branch that is currently under exploration in ways that resemble past artistic periods of discovery. But this time art extends beyond boundaries of the past.  There is something new here.

Let me try and explain…

For me, what is extraordinarly compelling is the story, experience and emotional engagement that is so completely unique to tattooing. There is a beginning, middle and end. There is drama and pain. There is euphoria and accomplishment. The interaction between the artist and the canvas is complex beyond description. It is where art flows into life and in that process itself becomes alive. I am fascinated with the experience it presents and that it is experienced in a way that traditional art is not. We don’t occupy the same space with traditional imagery like we do with a tattoo. For these myriad of reasons, a photograph of a tattoo falls short. Severely short. By removing the space that a tattoo occupies, a traditional photograph removes all that is alive. The emotion vanishes and the story is obscured, flattened out of existence.

Tattoo art gives meaning and purpose to AMPED 3D photography. I am motivated to pursue its refinement so as to be able to capture and present the art of tattooing in a way that preserves the experience and essence of it at important moments of time. The depiction of space present in an AMPED 3D image breathes life into the viewing experience and facilitates the telling of the artistic story of the tattoo. It is a way for all that is amazing to be preserved and treasured for future experience and reflection. AMPED 3D imagery is a vehicle where the story can travel to the future to be expressed and re-experienced as it was when the image was captured.

To get what I’m talking about, you must see AMPED 3D tattoo imagery in person.

I’ll be in California beginning August – if your there, make it a point to find me so I can show you what I’m talking about!



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