A Review Of Adrian Lee’s BLOODWORK:BODIES Vol. 1 & 2 A Global Exploration of Tattooing

I am the recent proud owner of BLOODWORK:BODIES Vol. 1 and 2 A Global Exploration of Tattooing with concept and direction by Adrian Lee and photography by Max Dolberg.
First, I can’t recommend this work highly enough. It shows a level of passion and commitment that is atypical. These books are for artists and those that appreciate art. BLOODWORK:BODIES 360° is an added internet feature where you can rotate the images and see the tattoo imagery from various perspectives. Where so many publications show portraits of people with tattoos, these books and internet site, present the artwork of the tattoo as it presents on the body. There is no question that the presentation of the tattoo was the goal throughout the book.

The printing quality is far superior to what I expected, given the price. It is very very good with very few imperfections evident. Something not easy, printing with so much black coverage.

As a professional photographer, I could nit pick – but that would be ridiculous because the scope of the project is incredible and it would be grossly unfair to compare what Mr. Lee and team went through vs. a leisurely studio shoot.

I can tell you that the 119 bodysuits and back pieces by fifty-three of the world’s preeminent conteporary tattooers is astonishing. In our time, we do have DaVincis, Michaelangelos, Picassos  and Rembrandts. If you want to see amazing contemporary art, this book would be a great place to start.

I am inspired to an even greater extent to seek out amazing works and photograph them with my AMPED 3D process. I am jeolous of the opportunity Mr. Lee had to see each of these tattoos in person. Not to mention his own incredible tattoo work at the beginning of the book.  Indeed, many of the tattoo collectors are also tattoo artists, which isn’t really a surprise.

Finally, I have to say that large tattoo works on the body make much more sense than the tiny patches of tattoos that people get. A well thought out big work is unified and presents in a coherent, compelling and emotional way.  Going large – that’s the way to go!

Thanks Adrian Lee, for the inspiration glimpse into some of the amazing works that are out there walking around that nobody gets to see!



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