This Is A First… 200 Megapixel 36″x36″ 36 Perspective AMPED 3D Human Skull Image

I’ve just completed work on a 36 perspective human skull shot with a Hasselblad H4D 200ms 200 megapixel camera. It’s giant size and extreme resolution surpassed my expectations, although putting it together was extremely difficult. Getting a clean and perfect matte was difficult across all 36 perspectives but it was essential because I wanted human bone filtered to bring out the red tones in the bone for the background at extreme magnification.

I find human skulls to be fascinating to photograph, but was especially drawn to try and create much larger than life imagery. Seeing a 36″ piece just inspires me to do more! Indeed, this Saturday (June 30, 2012) I will have a few skull pieces on display at my gallery – along with the actual human skull to compare to the images.  I hope anyone in the area will be able to stop by!

Almont Studios and Gallery
165 Main Street, Suites 104 & 113
Medway, MA 02053

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