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This Is A First… 200 Megapixel 36″x36″ 36 Perspective AMPED 3D Human Skull Image

I’ve just completed work on a 36 perspective human skull shot with a Hasselblad H4D 200ms 200 megapixel camera. It’s giant size and extreme resolution surpassed my expectations, although putting it together was extremely difficult. Getting a clean and perfect matte was difficult across all 36 perspectives but it was essential because I wanted human bone filtered to bring out the red tones in the bone for the background at extreme magnification.

I find human skulls to be fascinating to photograph, but was especially drawn to try and create much larger than life imagery. Seeing a 36″ piece just inspires me to do more! Indeed, this Saturday (June 30, 2012) I will have a few skull pieces on display at my gallery – along with the actual human skull to compare to the images.  I hope anyone in the area will be able to stop by!

Almont Studios and Gallery
165 Main Street, Suites 104 & 113
Medway, MA 02053

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A Day With Sue Barry…

I had an incredible day with neuroscientist Sue Barry, author of “Fixing My Gaze”. She has a very unique insight on seeing with stereovision — she didn’t acquire it until her late 40’s.  Her perspective and understanding provides a lot of insight into what the rest of us take for granted.  Here is a snippit of what she had to say, looking at my AMPED 3D tattoo images.

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10 Incredible Things Since My Last Post!

1.)  The proof of technology AMPED 3D Exhibition at the NYC tattoo convention was a great success!

2.) I discovered that while we can infer depth and 3D-ness from a regular photograph — the reverse is not true. In other words, our brains don’t let us envision a 2D image from something we are looking at in 3D. This is much more interesting than I thought. I did an experiment where I have people look at a 3D image for a few minutes. Then I suddenly reveal an identical 2D version of the same image. The reaction is strong and the 2D image is described in very negative terms “dead, smashed together and dull, looks like a piece of meat…”.  However, when the 2D image is shown by itself the reaction is normal. “That looks vibrant and colorful… etc.”  It isn’t until the frame of reference of the 3D image is presented and referenced that the 2D image is criticised and viewed as lacking quality. I believe this is the logical vs. emotional parts of our brain coming into play in a most interesting way. I’ll have more to write about this later, so stay tuned!

3.) I have appropriated the Stone Mill Art Gallery to now be my own exclusive gallery and be the new home of my AMPED 3D Project imagery. We are having a “grand opening event” the end of June.  If you are in the area, you won’t want to miss it.

4.) John O’Hara is shooting some wonderful documentary footage on the AMPED 3D Project (he is responsible for the video above) with lots more coming. It will be showing up here and at

5.)  Kathy Jones, anthropologist — currently at Harvard and MIT is helping to organize the ethnography of important tattoos and the supporting AMPED 3D imagery acquistion and preparation for exhibition. She is incredible!

6.) Gabe Ripley and Tattoonow are helping to launch the website presence promoting the AMPED 3D Project and helping us make the connections with important tattoo artists from around the world.  The next booked AMPED 3D Exhibition event is at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering with information coming soon.

7.) We are working with Chris Lowe to create AMPED 3D photographs of tattoo’d prosthetics for the wounded warrior project. This is a GREAT project helping our heros to deal with their injuries and simply engage in the rehabilitation process in a positive emotional way. See:!/StillStandingArtShow

8.) The AMPED 3D Project is coming together! What is it? Here is the Mission:
           Freeze time and space at a moment when a tattoo artist’s achievement is realized, the artwork is healed and an emotional connection to it is manifest. An AMPED 3D image presents these moments, and the visual experience, with the same size, depth and tonality of reality.
           Sponsor the world’s best imagery of the world’s best tattoos.   The rewards of sponsorship are curiously enticing.

9.) What is all this tattoo business about?  It really came out of left field, and it has completely captured my imagination! The Tattoo artwork of today is perhaps the most compelling artform to come into its own and be re-invented in the past 100 years. Astonishing works are being created that very few people ever get to see. A regular flat photograph simply does not show what a tattoo looks like in person. It is one of the few things that simply must be in 3D and is therefore PERFECT for AMPED 3D photography. It is a magical combination that I am proud to be a part of.  I have seen first hand that there are tattoo artists that are the Da Vinci’s of our time. Incredible! The AMPED 3D Project is about bringing awareness and appreciation of the world’s most incredible tattoo art to the masses through exhibitions and limited edition prints for sale.

10.) A Day with Sue Barry. Sue is a neuroscientist, stereovision rockstar! Talking with her is amazing. She has incredible insight into what we take for granted when it comes to seeing with stereovision. Her comments and reaction to my AMPED 3D images of tattoos was surprising to both of us. She immediately made the case for me with regards to how 3D imagery was the only way to see and understand how the tattoo artist used the spatial topography of the human form and skin. Receding perspectives matched receding parts of the body – wow!  Clearly, the artists were doing unexpected and amazing work and Sue was impressed. We spent the day together and my brain is now full! So much to think about!


If I sound excited, it is because I am excited and thrilled to be experiencing this amazing journey. There are 10 more amazing things to write about, like my new Nikon 36 camera array that I’m working on. I just tested a pair of D800s and they promise to make a lot of new creative things possible! I am working on a mind blowing over the top multi perspective capture of a human skull with my 200 megapixel Hasselblad H4D 200MS camera. Wow, this is over the top and the final skull images are going to be over 30 inches wide with depth and detail of the human skull like you have never seen before in full AMPED 3D.  I am just over the top excited about this project!  I’m trying to work out an AMPED 3D photo shoot with Paul Booth – an incredible tattoo artist in New York with a very unique style. And on and on….   It is simply amazing!

For more information, please jump over to and shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you! Especially if you have a world class, unique tattoo or are an artist doing very unique tattoo work worthy of exhibition.

-Almont Green

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