NYC Tattoo Convention – Thanks Steve Bonge!

Oops! In my last blog post I neglected to thank Steve Bonge – without him there would be no show. He is indeed a New York icon, and rest assured the NYC Tattoo convention is a very big and important event on many levels. Thanks!

What is especially gratifying to me is that people of all backgrounds, professions, cultures, socioeconomic status… etc. can all find common ground appreciating tattoos and in turn appreciating what AMPED 3D photography is all about. With AMPED 3D photography, I am capturing and presenting tattoos in a way that is only surpassed by seeing the ink in person. One minute, I am enjoying the company and conversation with a doctor in a business suit and the next minute I’m having an amazing conversation with a full bearded activist. Art cuts through and communicates like nothing else. It has tremendous power to change minds and inspire. Great art is a type of truth that rises above everything else. That I have the opportunity to participate is humbling. It is a privilege to see and photograph such diverse and amazing tattoos. That I am permitted to exhibit AMPED 3D work to a large audience at the NYC Tattoo convention is not something I’m taking for granted. It is VERY special! 


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