AMPED 3D Exhibition At Largest NYC Tattoo Show!

I’m in!

The trip I took to meet with Clayton Patterson in New York paid off. He is a fascinating person with a lot of history in the New York tattoo world. I wasn’t sure if he would be impressed with my AMPED 3D photography. But as we stood there in his gallery on the lower east side of Manhattan and he stared and stared at my photograph, I knew it resonated with him. He was very generous with his time and provided a lot of commentary. A couple of days later, he emailed me with the news that I could exhibit 18 of my images at the 15th annual New York Tattoo convention May 18, 19 and 20th.

With Wes Wood (Unimax/Sacred) and Clayton Patterson seemingly impressed along with now so many others, I am feeling much more confident that my efforts to create art depicting tattoo art will resonate with a large audience.  As I mentioned in my last blog post, my imagination is completely captured with ways to depict an ink master’s work with my AMPED 3D photography. It seems possible that it using a myriad of colors and even UV florescent tattoo inks.  I find that particularly gratifying and I am fascinated by the skills of truly amazing artizans.

As I look at some of the images I have put together, I find them so compelling that it is difficult to take my eyes off of them. If you are going to be in New York in May, you simply must come and look at the AMPED 3D exhibition. It is free with your paid admission to the NYC tattoo convention. I’m not sure exactly where I will be, perhaps in the basement of Roseland, but please seek me out! You won’t be sorry. If you are there to get a tattoo, it is a chance to check out some great examples prior to picking your artist. And there are going to be some incredible artists at the convention. I hope that I can meet and speak with every one of them to hear and learn how I can improve upon my first exhibition!

Of course, there are many many others to thank including Medway’s own Canman and Easthampton’s Gabe Ripley. Dan Brown at Skin&Ink magazine and dozens of volunteers who let me experiment taking test photographs of their tattoos. All of the artists! You are amazing! Lalo Yunda – your work is inspiring.

This is very special and I will be talking about all of the participating artists in future posts.

Please come to the show and check out the AMPED 3D photographs!



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