Top Ten Reasons I Like High Resolution / Projected Light (HR/PL)…

1. It looks better and my eyes respond in a more direct way that enables my brain to extract more information from what I’m looking at.

2. Projected light masks surface reflections that distort and distract.

3. The art is the source of the light (some deep meaning here that could fill volumes).

4. More detail (resolution) equals “more real”. I enjoy experiencing “the real” as I feel a direct connection with what I’m viewing. That emotional component is special in my opinion.

5. So much resolution is lost prior to finally getting to the brain. Start with more resolution and you have more to process, once it gets to the brain.

6. HR/PL presents with importance and generates conscious awareness from what would otherwise reside in the subconscious.

7. If the artwork is the light source, it is self contained in a way that does not degrade because of its surroundings.

8. Sharper and brighter vs. blurry and duller? Which do you pick?

9. In my opinion, it is always preferable to be able to look closer and perceive more detail.

10. All living things generate heat, which is light, albeit outside the range of what is generally thought to be perceived by the receptors on the retina and transferred to the visual cortex. However, to me there is something special in the notion that living things emit light whether our retina’s can perceive it or not. In my opinion, we do perceive it in some fashion. I “see” something fundamentally different when I look at something alive vs. something dead. For me, projected light infers life and purly reflected light… well, not so much.


I also think that projected light infers reality whereas reflected light infers referential experience. Of course, there are exceptions – but in general, I think that humans respond to imagery with high resolution / projected light in a way that is “more real”.

What do you think?



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