Now Open: Stone Mill Art Gallery!

Finally open, yea! I decided to open this art gallery as a location to showcase collaborations between myself and other artists. Since I have spent so much time setting up a state-of-the-art printing facility, I decided to offer some of its benefits to artists to create simply amazing giclée prints. My Barbierie spectrophotometer linked to the Ergosoft RIP and Epson printers offers (to my eyes anyway) the best print quality I have ever seen from an inkjet.

Other great news includes a new engraved cast lens material that makes it possible for me to create the best lenticular images I have ever seen anywhere. The culmination of years of experimenting has finally paid off.

But the above is only half of the story. My new Hasselblad H4D 200ms camera is what amazes me most. 200 megapixel images times 36 or more perspectives (up to 72) has just knocked me out! I just laminated a life size (46″ tall) AMPED 3D photo of a hand carved guitar to my new lenticular lens material and the results are the best I’ve ever seen, period! By a large margin…

So, the gallery will be a great place to showcase this amazing new combination of things that has resulted in AMPED 3D photographs with brilliant clarity and depth.

Please come! That image on the left is my version of the Harry Potter “come alive” portrait where artist Jim Plesh talks about his art and philosophy.

The Stone Mill Art Gallery
165 Main Street, Suite 113
Medway, MA 02053
t. 508-533-6230


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One response to “Now Open: Stone Mill Art Gallery!

  1. Ok, so I think the above is amazing and yada yada yada. — Who cares what I think?!

    Funny, but when I read sentences: “I this… and I that…” — I’m not impressed at all. What was I thinking when I wrote that stuff? The only thing that matters is what YOU think. It doesn’t matter what I think. So, please come on over to Medway, MA and check it out and tell me what you think. I’d be very grateful! I really want to get the place “right”.

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