Update on what’s happening…

Sorry for the delay in posts. So MUCH is happening that just sitting down to write has gone by the wayside. The biggest hold up is I am waiting for a new super delux spectrophotometer to more accurately color profile my Epson large format printers. The kind of work I’m doing now really requires greater color accuracy than I was able to get with my “lower cost” spectrophotometer. Hopefully, it is going to show up in a day or two as I’m really backed up on my printing!

I’m sending some calibration and test images to CALTECH and so that should start to begin in earnest by the end of November. I can’t wait to learn about how the brain lights up when viewing my images.

I have about four or five people working hard to get my art gallery open by November 19th. Named “The Stone Mill Art Gallery” for the Mill I inhabit, this art gallery is going to be quite a bit different from your average art gallery. I’ll have more details soon, but in the meantime you can check out The Stone Mill Art Gallery on Facebook (it is in Medway, MA)

Last, but not least, I have been hard at work developing a brand new art form. This is so over the top that I’m applying for a patent. Each piece of art (it is big at 3′ x 4′ and larger) takes about a month from beginning to end to produce. I can’t talk much about it yet, other than to say I have had excellent success with making it work and am now confident that it will work, exceeding my expectations by a good measure. Impossible to describe, but it is essentially real imagery multi perspective and multi dimensional. You definitely see things you’ve never seen before and this art answers the question: “what type of imagery HAS to be in 3D to be seen?”

I’ll try and follow up with the above before the end of the month of November 2011…


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