News from MIT: What makes an image memorable?

A new study from MIT neuroscientists reinforces my own findings, that images of people and familiar human size objects are among the most memorable. Indeed, I take it a step further by making my photography true-to-life size and believe this is an important element to making an image emotionally engaging.

The kind of research done at MIT is very helpful in my quest to provide the most effective signage for retail and general public communication applications. I write more about this on my blog:

I believe that there is a lot of consistency among people with regards to what kind of image is memorable and engaging. It is exciting to see research from MIT that supports my opinion and conclusions. The next step in research is to scientifically show the added impact depicting an image with spatial information (AMPED 3D) as seen in real life. Here again, I am hoping that science will prove out my opinion and anecdotal observtations of people looking at my photography. The existing scientific data points to that being true, but so far no study specific to my photography has been done… yet.

There is an article about the recent MIT study here:

I have found that art + science + commonsense = amazing!


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