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Cool New AMPED 3D Poster I Just Finished

This is a 24″ x 36″ backlit poster sample that I just finished for Hearst Media Group.


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When Things Looked Bigger…

Have you ever gone to a place from your childhood, not having visited it since childhood, and everything looked so much smaller than you remember? Well, the truth is that is WAS smaller back when you were a child. Huh?

Let me explain…

When you were a child, your head was still growing and your eyes were closer together than they are now. This miniturization (you were smaller) is also translated to what you see and your perception of the world. Think about it, the smaller your head the more your perceive in the smaller world. A doll, if living, would perceive the doll house in a similar manner to how we perceive a full size house because the doll’s eyes would be much closer together (and smaller).

This got me to thinking. Could memories from childhood be invoked through the use of imagery of familiar objects that were shown in 3D at a larger size? That size being similar to what closer spaced eyes would percieve.

The verdict is still out but the initial testing is showing promise. This has pretty cool ramifications with regard to bringing repressed memories to the surface in much the same way a smell can.  To percieve something visually as it would have appeared in your childhood just might bring a memory to the surface that you hadn’t experienced since you were a child.

Once I find a neuromarketing partner, we will begin taking a peek inside the brain to see if there is any merit to my theory.

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News from MIT: What makes an image memorable?

A new study from MIT neuroscientists reinforces my own findings, that images of people and familiar human size objects are among the most memorable. Indeed, I take it a step further by making my photography true-to-life size and believe this is an important element to making an image emotionally engaging.

The kind of research done at MIT is very helpful in my quest to provide the most effective signage for retail and general public communication applications. I write more about this on my blog:

I believe that there is a lot of consistency among people with regards to what kind of image is memorable and engaging. It is exciting to see research from MIT that supports my opinion and conclusions. The next step in research is to scientifically show the added impact depicting an image with spatial information (AMPED 3D) as seen in real life. Here again, I am hoping that science will prove out my opinion and anecdotal observtations of people looking at my photography. The existing scientific data points to that being true, but so far no study specific to my photography has been done… yet.

There is an article about the recent MIT study here:

I have found that art + science + commonsense = amazing!

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