Stopping Time With AMPED 3D Photography.

Before I get started, I’d like to mention that I have acquired the web URL: which I hope will help with web traffic and people finding me!

So, what’s this about “stopping time”? Well, I have discovered many preconceived ideas about 3D photography that, unfortuantely, are wrong and are impeeding my ability to make as much progress as I’d like.  It seems that many people think about 3D photography in the same way they think about wax museums. They think that a 3D photograph must be some sort of construct that isn’t real and has some “creepy” element to it. Sadly, in most cases with regards to lenticular imagery that is true.


My AMPED 3D camera array is designed to capture a moment in time and hold it for enjoyment and experience in the future. My photographs aren’t death masks or frozen unnatural scenes. They are slices of life at moments where the imagery can unfold as a story that speaks to that moment in time like no other imagery can. For this reason I have invested in over a dozen cameras and adapted them to work in unison so as to trigger simultaneous shutter events and make it possible for me to extract the perfect moment with over a dozen differen perspectives. And there lies the big difference between what I do and what other 3D photographers do. For me, the multi perspective component is secondary to the story of the image. Being 3D simply makes it possible to transition a photograph from a referential experience to an experience of realism and deeper understanding.

Now here is where some people will think in their heads “blah, blah, blah… Almont is full of food waste…” but they’d be wrong. It is possible for the above to happen. Will it happen? I believe it ultimately will, but the road ahead is extremely difficult and so much is being done wrong, in my humble opinion, that it might be another ten years before the true potential of multi perspecitve imagery reaches a uniform level of acceptance and desirability. It will likely take new technology like plenoptic cameras and better/less expensive display technology. 

While I could have picked an easier line of work – I’d be hardpressed to find something that is equally rewarding.


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