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Your Memory Is Better With An AMPED 3D Photograph.

I was watching a John Wayne movie the other night and I could instantly tell from “the look” that it was “old” and it was much different than how I remembered it when I went to see it at the movies when I was a kid. I believe that the reason for this is that when I first experienced the movie I was watching it and my brain was processing the imagery using references to other things that my eyes had seen and been familiar with up to that time. I believe that when we look at movies and photographs we don’t experience them the same way that we experience looking at things in real life. First, they are flat two dimensional representations and don’t have the dynamic range and color that things do when seen in real life. It is a different brain process and is subject to a different kind of memory imprint as compared to when we look at things in real life. Well, that’s my theory anyway.

AMPED 3D photography is different. 

It is my belief that AMPED 3D photography triggers a different brain response than regular photography. When we take in spatial information there is a deeper level of processing that goes on in the brain. One explanation is that the brain switches from referential processing to a higher level experience and engagement when stereopsis vision happens. The whole dynamic is different and it takes longer to see everything in an AMPED 3D photograph. You remember the details as they were experienced in real life because you see the details in the same way you saw them in real life. I notice this all of the time when I look at some of my earlier AMPED 3D photographs. The memory takes on a different flavor or characteristic that brings up details that I thought I had forgotten.

As I read and learn more from neuroscientists I am discovering that there are likely scientific reasons that underly my observations. It makes me anxious to start EEG and fMRI testing on my photographs where I should be able to observe scientifically what I think I am experiencing when I look at an AMPED 3D photograph. Let me provide an example. When I look at an AMPED 3D photograph I took of my daughter at bat playing softball from a couple of years ago, I don’t think back to her playing the game in a referential “normal” way when one looks at a photo. When I look at the photo I “see” my daughter right there before me holding the bat. I notice what she looks like and her intensity and experience the moment in the present. This is an amazing difference to how regular photos are experienced and I suspect that studying the brain will provide greater insight into this phenomena. I can tell you that experiencing the 3D image is unique and delightful!


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