My visit with Dr. Pradeep of NeuroFocus!

Meeting with Dr. Pradeep, founder of NeuroFocus

What does neuromarketing have to do with AMPED 3D™ photography?

A Lot!

About 25% of the brain is involved in processing things that we see. And when we engage our ability to see things in 3D, areas of the brain light up that don’t light up when we look at a regular 2D photograph. There is enough data already existing to support the premise that 3D photography not only engages us with novelty, but that it can also engage us emotionally and trigger many responses in our “older brain” that influence behaviour in amazing ways. This explains why mothers cry with joy when looking at an AMPED 3D photograph of their baby or small child. Look at this woman’s reaction about 9 seconds into the video as she suppresses the onset of an emotional response looking at an AMPED 3D baby photograph:


Then she engages her “new brain” and struggles with how to describe and interpret what she is seeing. Clearly, it isn’t the “pop out” factor or novelty that moved her. It was a much deeper “old brain” emotional response to what she was seeing. This is where neuromarketing is helping me to make better photographs that are emotionally satisfying and moving in ways that talk to the subconscious mind.

A great deal is dependent upon how the photograph is constructed. The subject matter and how the subject is portrayed in context. How the subject is lighted, the dynamic range and contrast of the photograph and even the colors depicted all interact with how the brain “sees” a 3D photograph.

By studying neuroscience and reading books by Dr. Pradeep and other leading neuromarketing experts I am gaining insight that is proving invaluable to my efforts towards making more effective AMPED 3D photography a reality.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that reveal what I am learning about how your brain looks at my photography. If you own a company, you might want take a look at my new blog: about how your customers look at my photography.

By the way, I highly recommend Dr. Pradeep’s book: The Buying Brain for anyone interested in learning more about neuromarketing and how the brain interprets things.


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