AMPED 3D™ photographic posters… What is “in it” for people who purchase them?

  • increased memory retention
  • longer viewing times
  • emotional triggers that stimulate response
  • realness

Accuracy – detail – the way humans “see” the real world… the benefits of an AMPED 3D™ photograph are derived from the higher brain function that is engaged when people see using  stereopsis vision (to perceive the space between things and the texture and dimensionality of objects).

When two eyes fuse two perspectives into a single image with depth, the amount of brain processing and engagement in viewing the photograph is increased by as much as ten times as compared to a single perspective regular photograph.*

All of this extra brain activity translates to increased memory retention, longer viewing times, more information gleaned from viewing the image and even emotional triggers that stimulate a “share” response.

It’s not “3D” that activates the extra brain activity – it is AMPED 3D™. There is a considerable distinction. In most cases, 3D – especially artificial 3D which is what commercial printing facilities use by constructing an artificial 3D  image using computer composition software – is actually perceived in a negative way both subliminally and overtly. The brain triggers error messages as the image has no frame of reference.

AMPED 3D™ imagery is carefully produced to accurately match reality. The dynamic range of human vision, the size of the imagery and field of view, binocular disparity and binocular rivalry, interocular parallax and z-axis placement, etc. are all precisely captured to mimic real world vision and stimulate the brain as closely as possible to the way it is stimulated looking at real life dimensional space.

As I continue my work, perfecting capture techniques–engineering new materials–adapting new printing technology–creating new artistry– my team and I are pushing imaging technology in a way that derives measurable benefits that deliver measurable results. Science and art, content and creativity — all are being combined in a new way that stands apart and delivers unique imagery.

*Brain imaging systems have shown increased brain activity not only within the visual cortex, but in higher brain function areas that don’t “light up” when regular photographs are presented to test subjects.


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