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What’s Happening?

I received the go ahead to begin work on the worlds largest high resolution AMPED 3D™ photograph to be displayed at the entrance to Boston Logan Airport’s terminal C. After scouting many locations, one scene will be shot from the end of the runway as the jets take off with Boston in the background. Another scene will be a life size view from the ramp to the open door of a jet (to be determined actual make/model/etc.

I will be using my array of Canon 5D Mark 2 cameras in a custom configuration and there will be a lot of post processing and compositing so as to maintain as much detail as possible with such a large print (twelve feet in length). The image will be viewed from approximately 10 feet away as people pass by it exiting/entering the terminal from the lower level.

The day I was supposed to begin shooting, I had to fly to Kansas for my Mother-In-Law’s funeral and the day after the funeral my father was rushed to the emergency room for blood clots which later turned into a diagnosis as terminally ill which I had to help organize 24/7 care. So, needless to say things got delayed.

Hopefully,everything will be rescheduled and back on track in the first week of September. I will be posting more information soon. However, I am already thinking of ways to accellerate my acquisition of H4D Hasselblad 60 megapixel cameras to build my next system. I am presently talking with various investors – and if you know anyone, you might put them in touch with me! I will be trying to put funding in place by the end of the year so that work on my system can begin in Sweden at the factory.

More coming…


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