With all of the confusion regarding the term 3D I decided to trademark AMPED 3D, AMPED being an acronym for:


AMPED 3D photography really describes the type of 3D I’m doing in a concise way and, hopefully, will help to differentiate my product. From now on, I intend to use it and incorporporate its use into all of my writings, website information and literature.

I also like it that AMPED implies energized and a sense of being “jacked up” in an amplified way. If you think about it, stereovision energizes our perception of the space around us and unlocks our awareness of other enhancing perception cues.

This ties in nicely with my next blog post, coming soon: “Secondary depth cues unlock ambiguity and reinforce stereovision’s immersive qualities”.

Stay tuned!

 AMPED 3Dis a registered trademark of Almont Green.


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