Blog Neglect… Sorry!

I apologize for neglecting my blog but I’ve been having a debate over at the LinkedIN Stereoscopic 3-D Professionals Worldwide group. There is at least one person who thinks that focus and convergence don’t happen and/or isn’t important or something such as that which confused the heck out of me…

He made a bunch of empirical statements and I challenged him and ignored his flames and insults. I engaged him in a professional manner and the net result of what I got out of the exchange is that he thinks that because of eye geometry and eye spacing that somehow a special angle of projection alignment can create distortion free, error free 3D.

Folks, that is snake oil if I ever heard it.

To justify his case he said he has blurry vision for things up close and that somehow proves that rivalry or discomfort doesn’t exist. My opinion is that the brain is very plastic and adaptable and when we lose vision acuity, we get cataracs or experience eye damage and disease – that the brain adapts to the altered sensory input. I believe the brain is constantly adapting and interpreting sensory input and learns to discard conflicting information and make the most of what it is receiving.


The brain also responds to GAINING sensory information and incorporates things like motion parallax cues and shadow cues and atmosphereic distortion cues and even an eyeglasses prescription changes to augment our perception. Perhaps vision exercises could also improve our ability to perceive things in an enhanced way. It is one of many issues I plan on taking up with Dr. Maino in the coming weeks.

Again, apologies for the delay posting content. I’ll have some interesting commentary on human perception coming soon… Stay tuned and please comment if you have something specific you are interested in exploring with me!


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One response to “Blog Neglect… Sorry!

  1. Hi Almont,

    Alexander here, founder and manager of the LinkedIn Stereoscopic Professionals Worldwide Group:

    I thought I’d give a quick comment on your Blog post to let you know I do keep track of discussions to make sure it’s all honest, good and constructive. I thought having these crass statements by the mentioned other member are good in a sense that they do represent a line of thought in the world of 3-D production and therefore must be debated and taken apart. If some people are to be believed, it is only a matter of buying a lot of expensive hardware and hey presto, good 3-D!

    I definitely agree with your idea about the brain and its flexibility and I think we are all heavily underestimating the role of the brain in the creation of stereoscopic imagery in our mind’s eye. As Alan Silliphant often points out, there is cross-over in our brain of left-eye and right-eye imagery and so the eyes are by no mean pure pinhole cameras connected to a grey mass CMOS chip. It is a creative process with a lot of error correction and geometric distortion fixing. Some people even point out the eyes are more like quantum antennae, as they port more than just visual information to the Pine Cone. Intriguing.

    Keep up the good writing!


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