We will be exhibiting at the “It’s a baby & family expo” in Boston March 20 & 21st

Come visit us at the “It’s a baby & family expo” at the Boston Bayside Expo Center this weekend (10AM – 5PM on Saturday and 11AM – 5PM on Sunday March 20-21, 2010) where we will be showing our latest multiperspective 3D life size photographs of adorable babies. We will have many show specials and special discounts for attendees. Info on the show is available at www.itsababyexpo.com

Yesterday, we did a very small baby show event at a hotel as a trial run to gauge the level of enthusiasm for our photographic technology. We were very pleased with how people reacted to our special photographs. Indeed, the level of excitement was so high that I was convinced we needed to exhibit at a larger show and therefore booked the expo in Boston. 

As part of the expo in Boston, we will be asking people to explain what they see on our webcam. We will edit and upload the video to our website after the show for people to watch and vote for the best explanation of what they see. Surprisingly, I’ve found a broad range of reaction to the baby photos and think it will be very interesting to evaluate all of the responses at a tradeshow setting.

If you have ideas for other questions please comment below. So far, I plan to only ask people to describe what they see when they look at the photograph.  Here is an example of what someone said at the show event yesterday:

I expect that not everyone will have a glowing reaction to the photographs. I’m really keen to hear what stereoblind people have to say about them and also people who perhaps have some vision difficulties with regards to fusion. Perhaps some just might not like them because they are 3D and don’t think photos should be in 3D. Reminds me of people who argued that movies shouldn’t have sound. Somewhere there is always a critic with a different point of view.  Surprisingly, to date everyone has had positive things to say.

I’m looking forward to your comments regarding questions I should ask. Thanks!


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