The Case For Multi-Perspective Baby Photography

When we look at babies with our two eyes we don’t see double. Our brain fuses the image from each eye together into a single image with depth. We see the space under Baby’s precious chin, those cute dimples and the incredible space between each toe and finger. It is real, tangible, precious and emotionally charged with love. It is a savored moment because once experienced it is lost forever. People have tried to preserve these memories with their cameras, but the photographs they take flatten the experience to only that which can be shown on the surface of the print. It is great as a reminder of the experience but it is missing the realness of the moment.

Luckily, we live at a time when photographic artistry and technology is advancing to fill what has been lacking – space, depth and dynamics.

It is now possible for photographs to be taken and printed where you can see the space… where you can see a different perspective in each eye and fuse it into a single image with depth… where you can experience the moment and feel the emotion and remember.

This is what my 3D photographic art is all about.

What are the photographs like?

When I show my multi perspective photographs to children they respond saying “that’s a real picture”. It is real, especially to young kids, because they are more open to new experiences and accept what they see at face value. It looks like what they perceive in real life so it is a real picture. Adults have a more emotional reaction to my photographs because the experience is unque and magical. But the magic is not mystical, it is science. My photographs present a different perspective to each eye. And it is also scientifically crafted to image what we see normally in very precise ways. For example: it is a life size photograph. It is a photograph with the dynamic range of the human eye where instead of seeing blasted out white areas or areas of black blotchyness you see the subtle texture and detail as you would see in real life.

It is different (better) than 3D movies.

Unlike 2 perspective “3D” movies like Avatar which are experienced sitting and looking at the screen from a single point of reference wearing special glasses, Almont Green multiperspective photographs can be seen without special glasses. You look at them like any other photograph and as you shift your head and position you can change your perspective and see around edges just as you do in real life. Some Almont Green photographs have as many as 24 different perspectives.

While I’m trying my best to describe these photographs to you – it is a situation where words don’t work. You have to experience it first hand to really “get it”. It is a great dilemma because when people look at a website they expect to understand what the product is. But sadly, there is no way to recreate my photographs on a computer monitor. Not even close.

So if you have read all the way down to here, I have a special offer for you! My new studio opening in Medway, MA has been delayed as the build out won’t be completed for a grand opening in March as planned. (We now expect to open in April.) So during this time, I have decided to take some multiperspective baby photographs for free, limited of course to time and availability. I will respond to as many requests as possible. In lieu of payment, I ask that you make a donation to your favorite charity.

Click the link to the website and contact me via email for more information.



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